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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Jan 13 2012

*Tap tap on the mic, then screeching feedback and throat clearing* Hello? Is this thing on?

So it begins.  This enormous electronic blank page is at my disposal to document my journeys through what some may call the “trenches” of American culture; where the dirty work is done, the long hours spent, the most casualties occur: education.  Education of others, education of myself, educational inequity, education reform, educational systems, education administration, the list goes on and on.  All of the above are in front of me and will be for the next two years and beyond, so I might as well share it with the world (or just whoever happens to read this thing)..

Never have I been so excited and anxious to turn a new leaf and begin a crazy new adventure in my life: being born, learning to walk, getting lost at the amusement park when I was six years old, moving to a new school in the fourth grade, going to college; all of these “transformative” events do not quite match the intensity of emotions I am feeling right now in anticipation of being a teacher.  Now THAT is crazy to think about (and might just be an exaggeration, not sure yet).  Hopefully, I’ll calm down and take it one step at a time.  It’s probably the looming thought of waking up early and taking the Praxis II: Math Content & Knowledge Exam (0061) that has got me in this teeter-tottering mood…

Whatever the case, the truth is this: I am feeling a range of emotions; some which I hope I can splash onto this “electronic journal” every once in a while for myself and for others before/after me.  Reading through these blogs as I decided to join TFA was extremely insightful and necessary for my psyche in processing exactly what it is I would be doing for the next two years of my life.  These blogs are great for everyone, not just for the TFA-ers, because they provide a running commentary on what the role of “teacher” or “education”  means to this organization and to our generation (even be it a relatively small sample size).  I see, years from now, some of these accounts being put into even larger accounts of this time in history, which is also pretty cool to think about.

So, welcome!  I hope my monologue was a good introduction to kick off this adventure, this tale of guts and glory, this overwhelming opera of emotion, this….you get it.

Nice to meet you and I’ll be sure to update you on the first step in my adventure, the PRAXIS exam, soon after I take it tomorrow morning at 10AM.

Until then, good evenin’ and good eatin’!

Whatever, I’m corny.


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  1. sadienewell

    This journey will change your life, whether you anticipate it or not. I’m a completely different person than I was 2 years ago when I started this journey. It will be hard, it will be worth it, and you will fall in love with your students – that much I can promise you.

  2. Kurt (Community Manager)

    Congratulations! Your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

  3. amdipuh

    well said! I’m also a 2012 Corps member and am feeling similarly. Good luck and keep posting ;)

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