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Jan 15 2012

Praxis Praxis Bo-Baxis, Banana-fana fo Faxis…and Discipline

Yuck.  That was excruciating. 50 multiple-choice mathematics questions within a two-hour time limit didn’t seem like too bad of a thing.  I thought I paced myself well, but took a bit longer than expected or recommended on one problem.  That sabotaged my poise for the remaining ten or so questions, and I had to rush through them without really thinking.  It would be  a RELIEF to find out next month that I squeezed right through.  Here’s to hoping!

Besides that, the luxury I was awarded in taking it so early was the option to re-take it if necessary in the springtime.  I’d much rather have done it correctly the first time, though.

Anyways, enough of that talk.  I found an idea recently that really resonated with me regarding a lot of things in life, but mainly the journey to “success”:

“There are two kinds of pain.  Pain from discipline and pain from disappointment.”

We’ve all experienced both kinds of pain.  BUT the pain that is most reassuring and brings with it the highest reward is the one that comes through the work itself, the discipline.  After more than 18 years of learning and learning and learning, I have only just begun to take that idea seriously and consciously enact those ideals in my own life.

Discipline is definitely key and it will help in so many situations.  Whether that is pushing through that moment in a workout where you’re just about ready to give up, or re-focusing your energy and mind on an exam, or, in a broader sense, skipping through the times in life where things are not as easily falling into place, discipline allows people to gain a solid base which they can use as reinforcements when the time and need comes. THAT is what I’ll strive for: building and beginning a continuous process of ongoing “discipline”.  The correct pieces to the puzzle will undoubtedly and inevitably follow.

That kind of pain is something I will try and strive for everyday, right now and as a teacher, so that when that dreaded pain from disappointment so inevitably comes, I’ll be ready with a chock-full of discipline and belief.

In between those times, however, I’ll be anxiously awaiting my Praxis II results…eh.



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