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Nov 05 2012

September/October Weekend Update

So I haven’t posted in a while.  However, I have had a draft from right after Labor Day just sitting here waiting to be released to the world!  So I added a quick October update to it as well.  This post is half-September and half-October recap.  Let’s get to it!


September 6th, 2012

Labor Day weekend was glorious.  As it comes to an end, I already feel the atmosphere around me slowly shifting towards serious, muted, diligent tones from the fun, lackadaisical, carefree aura of the weekend.  I’ve now had a chance to remove myself a little further from the past week (my first full week of teaching) and reflect on how it went and what to focus on going forward.

Overall, my week was solid. On a scale from horrendous to terrific, ‘solid’ is slightly above the middle. My students are hilarious and I have substantial evidence for which students will need to be engaged and tapped into before they become intense behavior problems.

The greatest reassurance from the week was my interactions with the faculty and administration at my school.  I feel very fortunate to have a deeply supportive and organized faculty with me and a school with tremendous resources.  It is truly a blessing that not many of my friends and fellow corps members are afforded!

The enormity and overwhelming nature of what I will be doing on a day-to-day basis has reared its head every once in a while, especially before I close my eyes.  I do not know if that will subside or not, only time will tell!


November 4th, 2012

Oh man. Wow. Phew. October is over.  First round of this 9-round boxing match was a tough one.  I definitely was knocked down a couple of times.  I’m still in the ring though.  I’m still standing.  Barely.  But I have plenty left in the tank and water definitely feels good on my face..

I think I pretty much exhausted that metaphor, but I love it.  I have 9 rounds.  This first one didn’t go so well.  However, I have plenty of time to recover.  Those students I mentioned above (the ones who need to be engaged and tapped into before their behaviors get out of hand?)…oh boy.  I definitely had good foresight with that one, but not everything works the way you planned I guess.

I have had some wins, no doubt.  Both my 6th and 7th graders have performed above the district average on their county-wide benchmark assessments.  That was a happy moment.  However, their averages were a 60.5% and a 70%, respectively…not so good.  I get to teach with AMAZING co-teachers who undoubtedly leave me humble and, frankly, optimistic about what I can potentially become.  I’m not there yet, though.  And that feeling pretty much exemplifies what October and probably November for a first-year teacher can be summed up as: “Not there yet”.

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