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Jul 17 2013

Pre 23 Post

I’m turning 23 this Friday, July 19th.  Here’s an over-simplified account of my path to date:

I studied Finance & Marketing as an undergraduate.  Afterwards, I joined TFA and taught middle school math for a year. During the summer after my first year, I decided to contact the consulting company that gave me an offer upon graduation and sought out an internship.  I am currently doing this and am currently NOT enjoying it.  I will be teaching another year of middle school math and will then be an alumni of TFA, with a Masters in Education as well.

My question is:

When June 2014 comes around, WHAT WILL I BE DOING WITH MY LIFE?

How do people reconcile their interests, skills, desires, and practical needs to find a pursuit that suits them?  It’s so confusing. So a friend told me the best way to sort things out with this type of personal nature, just write out what you like about the experiences you’ve had in life.  Here it goes:

I Enjoy:

Collaborating – working in a cross-disciplinary group with awesome people trying to figure out a solution to a problem

Creating – designing something that is part of the solution -> sketches, PhotoShop, graphs, charts, etc. that provides a visual idea

Learning – always given the opportunity to learn a new skill (technical or otherwise), gain a new experience, meeting new people

Leading – motivating, mentoring, teaching, managing

Brainstorming – I love looking at the BIG picture and shooting out crazy ideas onto a wall and seeing if they stick or bring about a tangential idea that does

Most Importantly….IMPACT – I cannot work for an organization that does not involve itself daily with a focus on making the world a better place. Just not gonna happen.


OK so it feels better that I’ve gotten this out in writing.  There are probably so many more specific descriptions of what I like, but I’ll keep it broad for now and come back to it.  I want to stop viewing this problem as a “What am I going to do with my life?”-type discussion and more as a “How am I going to use my life as a tool to better the world?”.

It’s been nice writing after such a long time.

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