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Nov 10 2013

Reflections on Learning

After doing more research regarding the e-learning initiative, I found the online platform called Udemy.  One of the best things I could think of for my school would be to conduct online professional development courses once a month.  This would be used as an alternate to the whole faculty at the school staying in a library on the first Monday of every month until 4:30pm.    I spent the majority of the time in my Designing and Delivering e-Learning Environments on developing a plan to implement this online professional development initiative.

I think my initiative has a lot of merit and potential in my school setting.  My worries lie in the bureaucratic nature of professional development in a public school setting.  It seems as though administration has professional development planned consistently ahead of time, so it may not be easy to facilitate an online learning course this year itself.  It may be something that we can look into implementing early next year or late in the school year.  Udemy is a wonderful platform that can be easily scaled and taught to all the faculty and staff at my school.  It has immense potential in making their lives much simpler and less stressful.

Prior to this course, I had little to no knowledge on e-Learning initiatives or online learning strategies.  I decided to take the course because I consider myself technology-minded and was fascinated with the role technology has begun to play in education.  Overall, the course has allowed me to discover a whole new world of mobile applications, online platforms, and websites that are at the forefront of education technology.  There is no doubt that online learning is part of the future of education, and this course has prepared me well to jump into that field without hesitation.

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  1. donna

    I agree that your initiative you developed has a lot of merit Prannoy. I hope that despite the challenges you articulated that you have a chance to share with administration and discuss the possibilities. Best of luck.

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