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Nov 10 2013

Reflections on Learning

After doing more research regarding the e-learning initiative, I found the online platform called Udemy.  One of the best things I could think of for my school would be to conduct online professional development courses once a month.  This would be used as an alternate to the whole faculty at the school staying in a…

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Sep 28 2013

Reflection on an e-Learning Initiative

Share your thoughts and ideas about the e-learning initiative you are developing.  Have you selected a topic yet, and if so, what is it and why did you choose this particular initiative?  What knowledge or skills do you bring to designing the initiative?   If you haven’t selected an initiative, what are you considering? My initiative…

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Jul 17 2013

Pre 23 Post

I’m turning 23 this Friday, July 19th.  Here’s an over-simplified account of my path to date: I studied Finance & Marketing as an undergraduate.  Afterwards, I joined TFA and taught middle school math for a year. During the summer after my first year, I decided to contact the consulting company that gave me an offer…

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Nov 05 2012

September/October Weekend Update

So I haven’t posted in a while.  However, I have had a draft from right after Labor Day just sitting here waiting to be released to the world!  So I added a quick October update to it as well.  This post is half-September and half-October recap.  Let’s get to it! ——————————————————————————————————————————————— September 6th, 2012 Labor…

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It’s been a while, friend!  “Busy-ness” is always the best excuse to fall off the face of the planet, especially as a TFA Corps Member. But really, it was because I didn’t know how to write about something as dense and impenetrable as the event known as “Institute”. That five week experience  is unlike anything I have…

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Jun 21 2012

No Sleep Till…Institute

Induction has been a great time.  Lots of talking, listening, discussions, discoveries, and amazing people.  I feel reassured that I will be having a large and wide net of support to fall back on at any time in the coming two years.  Induction, if not just an opportunity to get settled into the TFA way,…

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Feb 20 2012

Praxis Follow-Up and Realization

So I promised I would post a follow-up to my Praxis post.  I checked my Score Report and it turns out I was correct, unfortunately.  I passed within the top 15% of all test-takers with a raw score of a 39 out of 50 on the exam.  I needed a scaled-score of 141 to teach…

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Feb 11 2012


The Praxis II in Math Content (0061) is finally behind me.  I received notice that I had passed with ROE!  That actually startled me.  I was relieved and happy and even somewhat proud, but the reaction I received from other TFAers about the Praxis Exam was along the lines of “Good job! We knew you…

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Yuck.  That was excruciating. 50 multiple-choice mathematics questions within a two-hour time limit didn’t seem like too bad of a thing.  I thought I paced myself well, but took a bit longer than expected or recommended on one problem.  That sabotaged my poise for the remaining ten or so questions, and I had to rush through…

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So it begins.  This enormous electronic blank page is at my disposal to document my journeys through what some may call the “trenches” of American culture; where the dirty work is done, the long hours spent, the most casualties occur: education.  Education of others, education of myself, educational inequity, education reform, educational systems, education administration,…

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